Wedding Photoblog

A year is a long time to be engaged, but in some ways, it’s awesome to have so much time to plan and celebrate. I’m a BIG planner, so though we’ve already knocked out some of the most important details (venues, hotels, date, dress, etc.), there are tons of little things to work on whenever there’s time. A goal for me during this year is to plan because it’s fun, and to do so in a way that will ultimately allow for a stress-free event. I really want to enjoy the planning process – and upon thinking of this today, I realized how many awesome wedding things have already happened. Not wanting to let them slip away so quickly, I’ve posted some pics below that capture the highlights. I think I’ll keep doing this throughout the year, too – sort of like an online scrapbook.

Morgan proposed at a scenic overlook of the Dallas Divide, which is en route to Telluride. Truly, a most beautiful place!

The ring has its own tales to tell; all of the diamonds are from Morgan’s paternal grandmother.
In August, I met my mom and sister in CA to spend a weekend with Tete Bonnie, Uncle Paul, and cousins Annie and Rosie. On night one, they all surprised me with a shower!
Tete Bonnie makes a KILLER shower cake! Even better eaten cold, for breakfast!

My wonderful friend, Tina, created these amazing bachelorette party invites. The party was actually a Hanson concert, and (I think) everyone had an awesome time! The success of the evening can be attributed entirely to Summer, Tina, and Kasey, who worked so hard to make it fun for everyone. I just love those ladies.

We waited in line for several hours, killing time with food, drink, and games. It was a blast!

Summer, Kasey, Katie
So close to the stage – with Tina and Janelle
Hanson  ♪ ♫ 
Tina, Janelle, Robynn, Elizabeth, Ryan
Such a great night – so lucky to have friends who are such incredible women!