Wedding Travels – San Francisco

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to two fabulous places for wedding-related tasks in the past month, one being San Francisco. My sister and I went to San Fran at the end of March for the wedding dress fitting, and had a great time exploring the city. We toured Alcatraz and hung out with our ultra-cool relatives, Uncle Paul and Tete Bonnie. It was a blast, although too quick of a trip. I learned a few things on this adventure, too:

1) The San Fran public transit (re: bus system) is confusing and inability to navigate it may result in copious amounts of walking through multiple neighborhoods.

2) When one is tired of walking said copious amounts, a sighted trolley may seem like an oasis in the desert. Be warned…the trolley is a dangerous, wild ride. How that dude controls a vehicle overloaded with annoying tourists – all  with one pulley-stick-thingy – is beyond me.

3) If one should ever master said bus system and actually board a bus, know that one might still look like a tourist (despite efforts to seem otherwise). In these cases, it’s best to not speak to the self-proclaimed meth addict sitting across from you. Just FYI.

4) After a long day of walking and riding buses, French-owned coffee shops sell delicious almond croissants.

5) Yes, it is possible to walk from Union Square to the Golden Gate Bridge. But it’s a looooooooong way. 🙂

Here are a few pics from our trip…

 Prime hotel location

 Hang on around curves!

 Fisherman’s Wharf cuisine

 Beautiful Golden Gate

 Bizarre/beautiful monument thingy…still not sure what it was/who put it there

 This was a steep hill. Believe it.

 Oh, my sister Summer…she makes friends where ever she goes!