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Fails & Saves | Homemade Ricotta Cheese

I’m a planner. Lists, schedules, calendars – I love them all. Both my husband and sister have mentioned, more than once, that this nature makes me a particularly irritating travel companion because I like to plan… Continue reading

Traveling Foodie | Cincinnati Chili

In 2010, I had the great pleasure of visiting Madison, WI, on two separate occasions. Madison is probably one of the only cities in the Midwest to where I would wholeheartedly move –… Continue reading

Way Better Than V8 | Green Goodness Soup

Thick, comforting, and loaded with vegetables…this soup from Clean Eating magazine is so much better than I originally thought! The base freezes well, and add-ins can be varied. Green Goodness Soup Serves 16 2 t.… Continue reading

Bleeding Green and Gold | Cheesy Ramen

Today I accompanied my 8th grade students on a field trip to Colorado State University – my alma mater. I can’t explain how strange it is to type those words – I mean,… Continue reading